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The Serious Writer and Inner Fangirl

As a business owner, I should be calm and composed at the prospect of going to Yall Fest this year. Keyword: should. However...I can't help but squeal inside at the notion of being able to meet all of my favorite authors and getting the opportunity to talk to them. Not as a lover of their books, but as an aspiring author as well. 

I read before I found my love of writing. I will always have my passion for reading come first before my writing. So being able to meet the authors that inspired me to follow my love for writing (Sarah J. Maas, Marie Lu, Cassandra Clare, Leigh Bardugo, etc...") is absolutely exciting and makes my inner fangirl scream inside. 

With every author that I've so far met (Sarah J. Maas, Alexandra Bracken, & Maggie Stiefvater), what's wonderful is that they're equally as amazing as their books. As someone who looks up to and idolizes these wonderful women, placing them on a 'pedestal,' they've not once made me lower that pedestal and regret idolizing them. There's an authenticity and humility to these wonderful women that I doubt is common in other industries, which makes me glad that I chose to follow writing as my passion. The generosity in which they take the time to take pictures, give advice, tell stories, encourage people, is truly inspiring and make's me realize how much I want to be like them. To be as kind, open, and humble as these strong, encouraging women that have shown me that you don't need to be fought for, but become your own hero. I will always respect and look up to these women and hopefully more to come. 

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