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Prologues & First Impressions

Most authors I've met say that writing the first chapter or prologue of a book is like the equivalent of meeting a new person you wish to be good friends with--that the key to becoming their friend is to make a good impression. I've never really been good at making how can I make a good impression with my story if I can't even make a decent impression with people? 

I am shy. I don't like talking to people, but will depending on the situation. Preferably, I would rather leave the talking to one of my family members. But when I'm writing...there is no shyness in my work, no hesitation, no discomfort. The story flows out of me the way music flows from an instrument. However, the key to making it come together into a masterpiece all depends on the player. Or writer, I should say. 

I struggle with my prologues or first chapters, because I find it the hardest to be satisfied with that "first impression." When I first write a prologue I like or think is decent, I feel joy because I don't hate it. But when I read it a few days's a completely different story. Moreover, I end up rewriting my prologues/first chapters. And not just once, but many times. However, after spending years writing and refining my writing style, I've learned that it's not a bad thing to doubt your quality/be unhappy with your work. I've discovered that it only means that you have room to improve, because otherwise, if a person felt like they didn't need to improve and that they were good, how would they ever truly know themselves that they're good? 

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