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Out of Time

Does time ever feel like it's spinning out of control and getting away from you? This has been one of those weeks, several weeks really as August is now half past, that has felt like it's swirling by me and I'm left spinning like dust in a twister.  I feel like the rabbit in Wonderland, late for a very important date, constantly looking at my watch, keenly aware of all I have to do and how little time I feel I have to do it in. The faster I try to move, the slower I feel like I'm going. 

I know that's not completely true because I'm getting things done, it's just that in the course of getting those things done, I'm becoming aware of infinitely more things I need to do and so the vicious spiral spins ever downward. It feels dizzying and overwhelming to be in this place of so many things needing to be done and so few hours in the day. How to prioritize them all, when they all need to get done?  The intensity starts to overtake me and I feel myself falling into analysis paralysis; so many decisions need to be made that I feel incapable of making any of them for fear of making a wrong decision. I'm stuck!

Just when I feel I may drown in a pool of overwhelm, a life preserver envelopes me from the strangest of places. Pinterest.  Sitting there blithely, in my 'Inspiration' board are the words I needed to hear. They had been there for weeks. While I was spinning, veering wildly off the cliff of chaos in my mind, they were sitting here calmly waiting. Somehow, many moons ago, I knew what I would need to see and I put them there and here they were.  The raging waters in my mind calmed as I read through all of the pins, the words resonated and focused my thoughts. The inspiration I needed really was there. How often in life does that happen? What kind of e-miracle was this? I set forth again, renewed, to tackle the tasks ahead of me.

Go forth my friends and pin, but don't forget to go back and read the messages you leave yourself. They can be the life-saver you didn't know you had.


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