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Killing A Character (muahahahaha)

I remember when I first decided to kill one of my characters. A side character to be more specific. It wasn't because I wanted to kill the character because I could, but because I had outlined and planned for their death to add an important conflict for the protagonist and influence the plot in a specific way...

Creating a character is like lighting a match. The stronger and more developed in the story they become--and in the plot--the wilder and larger the flame grows, making it harder to quell it. But then there's the side characters...the character's who's flames stay consistent and can be extinguished with the right amount of pressure. 

...Killing one of my characters caused a spur of emotions to tear through me. Guilt. Excitement. Sadness. Relief. However, it also depends on which of my character's I'm killing. In this case, the character I offed (a side character that helps the protagonist) was the character that reminded me the most Yet...when I did this, I couldn't help but laugh a maniacal laugh before immediately wondering, is something wrong with me? Why am I laughing at this character's death when they remind me of me? Is this a sign? Do I need to see a therapist?! 

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