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Plot Bunnies

Last night was one of those nights. It was late and I was tired. However, sleep did not seem like it would come anytime soon. At least, the plot bunny would see to it that it won’t. Like most nights, he was there. He stared at me with his usual penetrating stare, making my mind race and heart pound. So many things ran through my head, things that I wanted—no, needed to get down on paper before I forgot them all. When I wrote down one idea—like a hydra—three others would spawn in its place. And before I knew it, my mind was filled with an infinite amount of possibilities.

This was ridiculous, considering that it was approaching the time that ‘normal’ people would be getting up to start their early shifts and I haven’t even gone to bed yet. When I look to my notes, the words looked like rush whorls of ink on the paper, and the various tabs open on my computer made me wonder where the hours went. Had I been abducted by aliens and then put back in front of my computer in such a way that I would not realize how much time had passed? Yet, even as I look to the clock, he was still there. Clearly I had not written enough down, because that damn bunny was still there—still taunting me. It seemed my efforts were futile as his offspring continued to run rampant inside of my mind.

That’s it. I’m going to bed. Exhaustion weighed down on me like a boulder being placed on my shoulders. These were good ideas and might make a great story.

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